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Avimesa + Conectric Smart Buildings IoT Kit (Maker)
Avimesa + Conectric Smart Buildings IoT Kit (Maker)
Avimesa + Conectric Smart Buildings IoT Kit (Maker)

Avimesa + Conectric Smart Buildings IoT Kit (Maker)

By Avimesa + Conectric
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A ready-to-go Conectric Smart Buildings Kit with the Avimesa VDC pre-installed, plus 90 days of cloud services and messaging included!

Retail Value: $900
Kit Price: $639
Savings of: $261

The Avimesa + Conectric Smart Buildings Maker Kit is a simple bundle aimed at getting developers up to speed the Avimesa system and Conectric hardware. Concectric enables monitoring of environmental conditions, energy consumption, human occupancy and machine states using autonomous mesh networking and sensors. Mesh network from 1 to 50,000 wireless sensors without architecting, planning or commissioning. The Maker kit includes 1 Conectric Gateway with the Avimesa Virtual Device Client (VDC) pre-installed, 1 mesh router, 1 magnetic switch, 1 battery for the switch, and 90 days of Avimesa cloud services. 

What's included?

Avimesa Platinum Device Cloud plan with 90 days free
Device management, scriptable messaging, API, Node.js SDK - Learn more
1x Conectric Gateway with Avimesa VDC pre-installed
Allows Conectric sensors to talk to the Avimesa Device Cloud
1x Echo G3-01 USB Mesh Router Build a mini mesh network, acts as Gateway sink if plugged into computer, or Router if wall powered
1x Portal G3-01 Switch Monitor door, window or circuit state with a built-in magnetic switch or external binary inputs
1x CR123A Lithium Battery for Sensors High-Performance lithium batteries power wireless sensors for 10+ years at high data intervals
1x MC10 magnet for use with Portal G3 Trigger proximity state when placed next to Portal G3-01 inbuilt gas filled reed switch